Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

By not buying items you don’t need, re-using items more than once and disposing of items at recycling centres you can contribute to a healthier planet.

Northumberland County Council provides a range of kerbside recycling opportunities. These include –

  • Plastic bottles and their lids (including drinks, shampoo and detergent bottles, washed and squashed – you can leave lids on)
  • Plain paper, card and cardboard (not shredded paper or paper towels)
  • Clean food tins, drinks cans and aerosols cans
  • Junk mail, newspapers, magazines, catalogues and directories

A wide range of items can also be recycled at Household Waste Recycling Centres, such as the one in Alnwick – see for details.

You can also recycle many other products at local collection facilities. It’s amazing what you can do! Find out more here.

Have you ever put something into your recycling when you’re not really sure if it can be recycled ? We’ve probably all done it, but recycling contamination is a big problem – find out why it matters.

Other useful websites provides a search tool to find out where to recycle specific items, what to put in your home recycling collection and where your nearest recycling location is using. also has lots of interesting information about why recycling is important, how its done and what can be recycled.

You might also be interested in Buy Nothing Swarland / Felton / Amble / Widdrington / Northumberland, which is a local Facebook group.

Why not look at our ideas for sharing things you no longer need.