Other Collection Points

As well as using your kerbside collection bin, you can recycle many other materials at a range of local collection points. If you know of others, please let us know!

GlassVyner Park car park. Shilbottle Working Mens Club Felton 200 yards off old A1. Bring Banks, Longframlington, NE65 8AH. Alnwick Household Waste Recovery Centre
Flexible Plastics, including
Dry food – e.g. bread, cereal, rice & dry food bags, confectionery, biscuit and cake wrappers, crisp & snack packets.
Other food – e.g. cheese wrap, peelable film lids & frozen food bags, fruit, vegetable, salad bags & flower wrapping, multipack film wrap, cling film & sleeves from bottles.
Pouches & sachets – e.g. coffee, confectionery, homecare, sauce pouches, baby, pet food & microwavable food pouches, toiletries refill pouches, packets & sachets.
Non-food flexible plastic – e.g. carrier bags, clothing bags, bubble wrap, magazine & newspaper wrappers, toilet roll & kitchen roll wrapping (Note all plastics should be clean, free of food and sticky labels removed where possible)
Aldi, Alnwick
Sainsbury’s, Alnwick
Co-Op Amble, Queens Street.
Co-Op Hadston
Co-Op Alnwick, Victoria Terrace
Plastic carrier bags and bread bagsMorrisons Alnwick
Crisps, nuts, pretzel and nut packetsHipsburn Primary School
Wearable clothes, shoes, handbags and beltsSwarland Primary School car park
TextilesShilbottle Working Mens Club Recycling Bank, Felton off the A1 Bring Banks Longframlington, NE65 8AH
BatteriesSainsbury’s, Aldi, Wilkinsons and Morrisons in Alnwick
Ink cartridgesSwarland Working Mens Club
Writing InstrumentsLonghoughton Primary School
Beauty products, including Eyeshadow & brow palettes & compacts
Face and hair mask packaging (single use)
Plastic body, hair and face cream pot and tubes
Plastic body lotion, hand cream and sunscreen tubes
Plastic combs
Plastic concealer or eye shadow tubes (inc applicator) Plastic contact lens cases
Plastic dropper bottles
Plastic eyeliner or concealer pen
Plastic lip balm pots
Plastic lipstick or lip balm tubes
Plastic make-up tubes
Plastic mascara tubes (inc brush, wand)
Plastic refill pouches
Plastic roll-on and stick deodorants
Plastic sachets, samples and hotel bottle minis Plastic toothpaste tubes
Toothbrushes or electronic toothbrush heads Wipes packets
Boots in Morpeth and Cramlington
Contact LensesBoots, Alnwick
SpectaclesLions Book shop, Alnwick
Books, CDs, DVDs, magazines (to take, borrow or swap)Bus Stop shelves opposite The Square, Swarland