Tree Planting

Trees are amazing – as well as their ability to lock in CO2, they bring many other benefits such as absorbing CO2, improving air quality and increasing biodiversity – as well as enhancing our sense of wellbeing.

Following a successful application to the Woodland Trust, more than 100 trees were planted in Vyner Park in March 2023.

We are hoping to identify a number of other locations where we can plant a suitable mix of trees. If you know of a location which would be suitable, please get in touch using the Contact Us page.

Ancient Trees

Ancient trees provide a particularly rich habitat for a huge range of species. One ancient oak has more biodiversity than a thousand 100 year old oaks – so its important to protect them.

An ancient tree is one which is unusually old for its species. The trunk is likely to be very wide relative to other trees of the same species. It’s likely to have missing branches and have parts that are decaying.

The Woodland Trust has created an Inventory of Ancient Trees which allows users to see if there are ancient trees nearby and to record new ones. Why not see if there are any near you at