Renewable Energy

What’s Right for Me ?

If you’re starting to think about installing a renewable energy system at home, it can be difficult to know where to begin. So it’s important to think about what you want to achieve.

Do you need a renewable energy system to generate electricity – such as a wind turbine or solar panel – or do you want a system that will generate heat – such as a solar water heating system or a heat pump. Are you replacing your current heating system ? Will the new system provide all your energy needs or will it need to work in conjunction with another energy source.

Making sure that your home is as well insulated as possible will help you to get the best from your system. Even simple things like checking the insulation in your roof or loft, or making sure that your windows are draughtproof can make an important difference.

You can read a Case Study about installing Solar PV panels by one of our members, Lesley Long.

Why not watch a video about a wide range of renewable energy options made by home owners in Haltwhistle.

Getting Advice

Community Action Northumberland (CAN) have recently appointed Brian Watson as a Domestic Carbon Reduction Officer. Brian works specifically with off-gas grid households, providing independent and impartial advice about renewable energy options. CAN can offer free home energy and carbon reduction advice, advice on renewable technology and insulation and support for grant funding.

To find out more email

The Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation working to address the climate emergency. It is a good source of information on energy efficiency and clean energy solutions.

The Centre for Alternative Technology provides free, independent and impartial advice on renewable energy, green building and renovation and a wealth of other topics to do with sustainability.