NCC Climate Change Toolkit

Northumberland County Council has devised a toolkit for Town and Parish Councils which is intended to support them to develop their own Climate Change Action Plans. Newton on the Moor and Swarland Parish Council has developed an Action Plan which was approved in October 2022. Members of SNAC have played a role in developing the Plan and some of the actions are things which SNAC is already doing or is considering.

The key Actions for SNAC are –

  • To promote climate awareness
  • To engage with schools, businesses and community groups
  • To engage with local climate networks
  • To measure the Parish’s carbon footprint
  • To promote low CO2 travel
  • To help manage land for nature
  • To promote recycling and composting

We will be identifying specific projects and initiatives to help us deliver on all of these areas. Look on our Projects pages for more information.