Promoting our Public Rights of Way

Following our first survey of all the footpaths and bridleways in the parish during 2022, we are now working with NCC’s Countryside Officer. We can fix minor issues ourselves (eg clearing undergrowth or fallen branches), and we can liaise with NCC over more significant issues and improving signage. We are also working to produce a map of the local network, duly annotated to show circular route opportunities, links to the wider network, features of interest, and any particular obstructions or difficulties.

We also wish to organise some walking events to promote the local network, later this year.

You can find details of public rights of way in and around the parish by exploring the Public Rights of Way map produced by Northumberland County Council, see below, and at Public Rights of Way (

If you spot a problem with a footpath or bridleway, or would like to fix a local minor problem, please let us know at