Campaigning for a new bus service

Following action from SNAC, the County Council have agreed to commission a bespoke twice weekly service with one off-peak bus each way to Alnwick on one day and Morpeth on the other. This will be in addition to the current NEED service which runs on a Wednesday.

There has been no regular bus service in the Parish for around 10 years, when Arriva withdrew the X15 service due to dwindling passenger number and safety concerns. Arriva have recently confirmed that it is not possible for the X15 to detour off their current route because of safety issues crossing the A1 and timetabling constraints.

However, SNAC’s Bus Use Survey carried out in May 2022 showed a significant level of interest in bus use, particularly if it did not involve walking down Leamington Lane and / or crossing the A1 to get to a bus stop. Many people wanted to use a bus to be ‘more green’ while others felt it would help to enable them continuing to live in the parish. A summary of the findings can be found here.

After meeting with managers from Northumberland County Council and holding a public meeting on September 20th, we can confirm that NCC have agreed to pilot a new service and to work with local residents to help shape it.

So we’re asking for your views on which days of the week the service should run, how long it should wait in each destination and whether it should be a morning service or run over the lunchtime period. The service is likely to stop at the Square and at Leamington Lane crossroads in Swarland, and at the Jubilee Hall and outside the Cook and Barker in Newton. We’d like your views on whether additional stops are required, and also where it should stop in the destinations.

Let us know your views by emailing