Minutes – May 2023



Notes of Meeting on Tuesday 16th May 2023

Swarland Club, Coast View, Swarland

  1. Present: Liz Clark, Carolyn Letts,Barry Liddell, Kathryn Marsden, Greg Anderson,  Dave Francis, Rob Payton.
  2. Apologies: Apologies from Bryan and Suzanne Stanley, Val Payton, Jan Anderson, Lesley Long, Elaine Liddell, Richard Styring.
  3. Actions from the previous meeting:
    1. Projector – Rob Simpson had kindly offered a projector that he no longer needs. He will bring it to next Parish Council meeting (24th May) to see if it is suitable. We will still have to think about screen(s).
    1. Carbon Literacy – courses are being made available to parish- and town councils by the Carbon Literacy Trust. Two half days, offered by local trainers. Additionally, NCC are putting together a version of the training for Climate Champions, not yet approved, but likely to be rolled out Autumn 2023.
  4. Updates from Project Leads
    1. Resources – Lesley has done some sterling work with the Resources section of the SNAC website, with sections on books, podcasts and sharing/recycling apps. This work will be finished in the next week or so. Please take a look!

Regarding books, it was suggested that SNAC buys some copies of relevant books for circulation and that we also pool books that we have already. Action: All

  • Footpaths – Dave has still to contact Tony Derbyshire to enquire whether NCC is applying for any funding from Active Travel England (and to explore possibility of safe footpath link to Felton). Rob asked how to get hold of footpath direction signs to attach to posts, for the footpath that goes across the Paytons’ land. Dave will request 6 signs from Tony Derbyshire when he contacts him. Action: Dave Francis.

We still do not have access to the Ordnance Survey map through the Public Service Mapping Agreement. Once we have this, a number of local walks can be put onto the website, and group walks to explore the parish organised. Action: Jan Anderson to keep following this up.

  • Tree Planting – Liz has been sent information about a new mapping tool being piloted by NCC to locate recently planted trees and has been invited to take part. She will pass this on to Rob to trial it and provide feedback. This could be very useful to identify gaps in tree cover and the development of potential corridors. Action: Liz Clark

Rob reported that there is currently a shortage of tree saplings/whips and that growers are selling them for planting before they are sufficiently developed. Aftercare once new trees are planted can also be a problem.

  • Recycling – Following no response from their head office, Kathryn has contacted the manager at Alnwick Sainsburys regarding the poorly signed and always full to overflowing bin for soft plastic. He indicated that the bin is emptied every day and 8-9 bales of plastic are sent off each week. He will check whether the bin can be emptied more often and order a new sign.

Kathryn has also written to Boots in Alnwick regarding the possibility of a collection/recycle service for e.g. cosmetics/skin care containers.

Kathryn has had some contact with Martin Swinbank, Green Party NCC councillor, about installing a variety of recycling containers at the Lindisfarne Centre in Alnwick. He suggested the Household Waste Recovery Centre at Alnwick would be a better place. He is also putting Kathryn in touch with Wendy Fail, Senior Waste Management Officer for NCC. Action: Kathryn Marsden

Kathryn will pass details of missing recycling links on the SNAC website to Liz for action. Action: Kathryn Marsden and Liz Clark

  • Renewable Energy – Liz recapped plans for the Renewable Energy event in Swarland Village Hall on Saturday 24th June. This will be open to all, plus local climate groups will be invited. NCC Climate Change Team have been invited. Programme as follows:

10.00: Tea/coffee

10.30: Event starts – presentation from Brian Watson, Domestic Carbon Reduction Officer for Community Action Northumberland

Three local householders to talk about their experiences installing renewable energy systems.

Q & A and general discussion.

Rob suggested that Brian be asked to cover funding sources and how to apply, as there have been recent changes. Barry mentioned that Pickard Electricals Ltd are keen to have a display at the event. He will pass details on to Liz. Liz to also contact Reheat.

Liz is beginning to work on publicity for the event and a poster has been designed. Also a briefing for householders.

Volunteers with be needed to prepare tea and coffee, get the hall ready and run the SNAC stall. Let us know if you can help. Jan and Greg have already volunteered to do the tea/coffee. Action: Barry Liddle, Liz Clark, All

  • Feedback from other meetings and events: no meetings to feed back on. A reminder about the Storm Arwen Recovery Plan meeting in SVH on 3rd June (10.00 AM), organised by Parish Council.
  • Networking Update:
    • Climate Champions Network – SNAC is now part of the network.
    • Networking Event – proposed that SNAC organise and host a networking event for local groups, probably in September. Those contacted so far have been positive. Let Liz know if you would like to be involved in planning the event. Action: Liz Clark, All.

Forthcoming Events:

  • West Hazon Wood Walk – as numbers signing up for this have been low and this may have been because there are a number of events in May, it was decided to re-schedule this to end of June. Orchids will be out then, and a picnic tea will be arranged.
  • Herbal Walk – re-scheduled to 28th May. Contact Lesley Long to register for this.

  • Any Other Business:
    • Swarland Show, 2nd September – stall will need to be booked, probably by contacting Alison Cowan. Focus of display and how best to engage people through the show to be discussed at next SNAC meeting. Action: Liz Clark
    • Forthcoming local events

Warkworth Local Exchange and Trading Scheme event, 7th June, details on SNAC website.

What a Wonderful World Festival Alnwick, 30th June to 2nd July 2023, with art exhibition from 13th June. The launch event will be 6.00-8.00 on 13th June. Val may be interested and Liz will forward details to her. Action: Liz Clark

  • Next Meeting: Tuesday 20th June 2023. We will be discussing ways for SNAC to engage more fully with the community and get people involved.