Minutes – March 2023


Notes of meeting on Tuesday 21st March 2023

Swarland Club, Coast View, Swarland

1. Present: Liz, Carolyn, David, Greg, Jan, Kathryn, Lesley L, and Louise

2. Apologies / Welcome to new members: Apologies from Bryan and Suzanne

3. Actions from the previous meeting (21.2.23):

a.Bus Service – Carolyn said she had emailed Neil but presumed there have been no developments on funding as she hadn’t heard back from him. She will ring him towards the end of the month for an update.

b. NCC Climate Toolkit – Liz is attending an event run by NCC Climate team next week and will enquire whether our Parish response would be a useful example for them.

c. Photo Competition – Competition won by Rob Simpson. Liz has put a selection of the entries on the SNAC website.

d. Hydrogen Homes visit – Vin and Jo unable to attend as planned but Liz said that Tony Claydon from Felton attended. She’s hoping to get feedback from him which she will put on the SNAC website.

e. Tree Planting at Vyner Park – Suzanne and Bryan said that planting went ahead but there was concern that some of the new trees might interfere with the car parking for the annual Show so the outer row of trees will be repositioned to the west of the field. Greg said the trees will be monitored for damage and watered if necessary.

4. Role of the Core Group

The recent survey showed two different groups: Those who didn’t want to come to regular meetings but would like to be involved in projects, talks and other events, and those who were happy to attend regular meetings and organise things. Therefore, SNAC will continue with a core group attending business meetings to decide on topics of talks, direction of the group etc etc but this will not be a closed group and others will be welcome to attend.

5. Project Leads

Topic suggested by SurveyLead(s)
Tree PlantingSuzanne & Bryan
Energy efficiencyLiz
Hedgerows? – but see 6a below
Recycling & sustainabilityKathryn & Jan
Carbon Footprint surveyLiz Clark
Engagement with other groupsLiz & Lesley
Public TransportCarolyn
Swarland WoodsCarolyn
Judy’s farm* (see item 6a below)Lesley

Project leads were asked to begin thinking about what the aims of the project might be and how these would be delivered.

6. Programme of talks, visits and events

a.Farm projects* – Lesley had spoken to Judy about possible projects linked to her farm. Judy has suggested gathering Hawthorn berries, propagating hedgerow plants, planting hedgerows.  Two walks – Tughall in Summer and Glantlees in winter. Lesley is offering two herbal walks, probably in May and June.

b.Carbon Literacy – Lesley has completed a course as a Carbon Literacy Trainer so could carry out training of SNAC members to gain the Carbon Literacy Certificate. This involves a days worth of training and Lesley suggested doing over two days. Jan attended the Zoom Carbon Literacy Course Toolkit launch on 21.3.23 and will circulate notes on what’s involved.

c.Walk in Swarland Woods – Carolyn said the walk is booked for May and we need to start planning the route. If you would like to help with this please let us know.

Liz will start drafting a calendar of events etc and will circulate this.

Also to be added, the Warkworth Green Matters Community day Saturday 1st April 10am-2pm, and Newcastle Climate Actions ’People, Planet, Pint’  in Newcastle on 28th March at 5.30.

7. Frequency of meetings

It was agreed to keep the meeting frequency the same for the time being ie monthly on 3rd Tuesday of the month. At a future meeting we would like to review and formaise roles, i.e. appoint a chair, vice-chair, secretary and treasurer.

8. Date of Next Meeting – Tuesday 18th April 2023 7.30 pm at Swarland Club. Meeting beforehand of ‘core’ group 7.00-7.30.

Email: talktosnac@gmail.com