Meeting Minutes – October


Notes of meeting on Tuesday 18th October 2022

Swarland Club, Coast View, Swarland

1.Present: Carolyn, Liz, David, Suzanne, Bryan, Jan and Kathryn. 
2.Apologies / Welcome to new members: Apologies from Greg, Louise, Marlene, Susan and Steve. 
3.Actions from the previous meeting:
a. Possibly another round of footpath inspections this winter?
b. The Carbon Footprint Survey that Felton is doing, is now live. Felton CAN will be coming to talk to SNAC in the New year about running the survey.
DF/MG to discuss
4.Bus Service Update:
Public meeting was held in September and the Bus Service will hopefully start in the New Year. If the service is successful it might be possible to add a Saturday service. It will be running through the school holidays.
More info is needed by NCC e.g. location of bus stops, times of service and time between outward/inward journey and what is a fair fare (although £5 cap is in place). People at the meeting have been emailed and questions put in The Column, Facebook and on posters asking for feedback by 31st October. So far about a dozen responses received suggesting Tuesday and Thursday will be the best days. CL will do reminder next week. An X15 user suggested bus times between the X15 times also fitting in with one of the three buses that go to Newcastle from Morpeth. In Morpeth, the bus station is probably the best drop off/collection location. DF said he’d emailed national Highways about the possibility of bus stops on the A1 dual carriageway. Response was that the request would need to come through NCC so we could approach Neil Easton to do this. DF said that we haven’t had a discussion about bus stops for the X15 for the Parish – it was suggested that this be taken forward by the PC.

CL/DF to discuss
5.Tree Planting in Vyner Park: SS and BS said planting is arranged for 19th November. LC has a list of people who signed up at Swarland Show and she’ll remind them of the date etc. We need about  20 people and it will be dependent on the weather. Other locations were discussed – possibly Christmas Farm. It was agreed they were worth approaching.

6.Use of Facebook: DF has set up a SNAC Facebook page but what the group wanted to do was be able to post messages on other sites as SNAC, rather than maintain its own site.JA to discuss with AG
7.Climate Change Toolkit – actions for SNAC: NCC published the toolkit for Town and Parish Councils. It is being considered by our PC on 26th October to see where we are as a parish against some of the actions, and which items are for the PC and which for SNAC. We will be measuring our carbon footprint in 2023 in partnership with NCC. Actions for PC include looking at reducing the Village Halls carbon footprint. LC will put the report on the SNAC website when the meeting notes go out. Actions for the PC include Planning consultation, putting at the heart of a Neighbourhood Plan if we have one, control of pesticides on PC owned land etc. 
8.Funding from PC: LC said that the PC have agreed to support SNAC and have given the group £250 to cover costs for the rest of the year. This will cover room hire and incidental costs but suggestions for other projects are welcome. We can also put in a request for further funding for 2023/24. 
a. Glantlees Farm Walk – 23rd October at 1.30pm. Seeds and seed trays will be provided by Judy to those interested in growing seedlings.
b. Swarland Woods walk – CL said the Forestry Commission have been unable to provide an expert to do this during October half term, so we are now provisionally looking at the end of May 2023.
c. Alnwick FoE Networking Event – 6.30-7.00 26th October at the Playhouse in Alnwick. Provides an opportunity for groups to come together. Volunteer from SNAC needed to attend. LC will ask Marlene as it clashes with PC meeting.
d. Scottish climate group – 7th November events online – to be followed up.


 Any other business:

a. Grass cutting in the Parish. Contact to be made with Bob Hodgson of Neighbourhood Services at NCC to not cut any verges in the Parish unless affecting Vision splays and junctions. Highways Agency to be asked not to cut the grass at the junction with the A1 north of NotM. This area might be suitable for tree planting – to follow up after Vyner Park tree planting.

b. Future meetings & locations – CL will liaise with Mick about the possibility of meetings at Percy Wood in the New Year.
c. December SNAC Meeting – No meeting to be held but a bulletin will go out to update the group during December.
d. Next Agenda: Item about taking steps to improve supermarket recycling in our area.Having a greener Christmas.Raising awareness of climate change through the school and Brownie Group.
JA to contact NCC & HA

11.Date of Next Meeting – November 15th 2022 at 7 pm at Swarland Club.