Meeting Minutes (March)

Tuesday 15th March 2022 7pm at Percy Wood

1. Apologies / Welcome to new members Liz welcomed everyone to the meeting. 10 members were present and apologies were received from Rosie, Ian,` Karen, Mick, Greg and Bryan

2. Actions from the last meeting:

a. Recycling: NCC can extend glass recycling in the Parish if Group can suggest possible locations. A clothes recycling facility is possible at Vyner Park. NCC to contact Salvation Army re: clothes. Louise mentioned ‘Rag Bag’ clothes recycling bin at Swarland Primary School. No problem people using school car park to drop off clothes, usually open 7.00 AM to 7.00 PM (schooldays). Cook & Barker to be contacted re glass recycling (Jan). Some discussion of plastic recycling provided by Sainsbury and Tesco and possibly taking this forward to be checked out by Katherine.

Information on recycling websites – ‘Terracycle’ and Facebook ‘Buy Nothing’ to be circulated  (Jan). Also via The Column.

b. NCC Climate Change Toolkit: still a work in progress ready in ‘next few months’. NALC Toolkit to be looked at in the meantime (Liz).

c. Composting Workshop: Suzanne & Bryan to take this forward aiming for early May and workshop will last about 1 hour. Venue will be Swarland Village Hall. Suzanne to provide necessary materials. Advert to go in April edition of The Column.

d. April Column: To include ‘rewilding garden’ article, publicity for composting workshop, and bus survey. Link to SNAC website. Deadline for copy 25th March.

3. Bus Survey Questionnaire: The draft had been circulated with the meeting agenda. Some modifications made. Questions agreed. Jan to put on Survey Monkey for online version. Copies can be handed in at the Club, Nelsons, and 16 Newton on the Moor. Link to go on Facebook page.

4. Tree Planting Opportunities:

a. Some discussion of land north of NotM (‘Sunnyside’) a 7 acre site that FS is planning to plant up in collaboration with the Felton group. This would not be accessible to the public. While this would in principle be supported, SNAC would prefer to prioritise sites which will also serve as public amenity. Felton happy for joint action with SNAC.

b. Other landowners within the area to be identified if possible – using ‘word of mouth’ initially. Liz will contact Moira at the Felton group re: private landowners, and will draw up a list of farms as a starting point. Liz to draft letter to go to landowners to make them aware of SNAC.

c. Vyner Park. Look further into planting in Vyner Park (South Field) (Suzanne).

d. Percy Wood: Mick was unable to attend the meeting but sent an update. Harrison Leisure head office has made applications for funding for planting, following up on the links Mick was sent. At Percy Wood, a scheme is being promoted to allow caravan/lodge owners to sponsor a tree in the areas that took the most damage during Storm Arwen. Planting of wildflowers on the golf course has begun. On a wider note, HL directors are looking to get someone to check their overall carbon footprint and to advise on changes that need to be made, both long-term and ‘quick fixes’.

5. Footpath Survey 

a. Liz has produced a map of approximately 25 footpaths going through the parish using the Definitive Map provided by NCC.

b. Forms used by the Felton group can be used, modified to reflect suggestions re:joining up paths to make circular routes and accessibility (both from a disability point of view and more generally – are footpaths easy to walk to etc).

c. Volunteers to be recruited to survey paths and the information will be fed back to NCC (Tony Derbyshire)

d. Marlene volunteered herself and Andrew to coordinate the survey.

d. Marlene volunteered herself and Andrew to coordinate the survey.

6. Queens Jubilee Fund Application
Suzanne to pursue planting of a further oak at Vyner Park and investigate cost. Will do formal request to VP Committee for permission. Aim to get costs (for tree(s) and plaque(s)) to make application to NCC by next deadline of 25th March. Grass verge at Hazon to be planted with wild flowers. A suitable site is to be explored at NotM, possibly verge North of Ash Cottage, on the Northern edge of the village and in Hartlaw. Request to go to PC for additional funding if required

7. For information / Future Dates:

a. Liz to circulate electronic version of SNAC logo.

b. Briefing note and template for letter to MP regarding HVO (Hydrotreated vegetable oil) heating fuel calling for change in tax rating and promotion as a cheaper alternative to ground source heat pumps is on the SNAC website. Group letter to be sent (Liz) as well as individuals (All).

c. NCC webinar on Climate Change and Biodiversity – date is now 27th April. Registration link to go on SNAC website.

d. Reminder re arrangements for parish litter pick Sunday 20th March at 10.00 in The Square, Swarland.

8. Any other business:

a. Lost Footpaths: David mentioned the possibility of the reinstatement of a lost footpath from Newton on the Moor towards Swarland. David thought a case could be made for making this a right of way.

b. ALNCOM Broadband: Alncom held a meeting last week. Need about 90 households to make project viable and have 47 definites. They are including free broadband to community halls. Suzanne will ask John Parker of Alncom for information to put into The Column.

9. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 19th April 2022 at 7pm at Percy Wood.